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Hello All,

The EV community needs to establish standard Public Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines
when it comes to using charging stations.

The ultimate goal is to get these “Guidelines” into the hands of new EV owners via the
car dealerships and/or manufacturers.

Please Note:
We don’t know the level of Public EV charging knowledge of the person receiving these
Guidelines and so I think we need to explain every aspect.
This should be a document that the new EV owner reads before attempting to use public
charging stations for the first time. We want to prepare them for any situation.
So the guidelines need to be thorough.

If you would like to print out the #EVguidelines to hand out then please copy-clip the
text on the tabs above for the country that you reside in. I must insist that you keep
the header and footer though.

Thank you, Sal Cameli

(c) 2018 Sal Cameli, All Rights Reserved.

——————————————————Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines
(By Sal Cameli)

1. Comply with posted #EVsigns in addition to the following #EVguidelines where applicable.

2. Designated charging spots are for charging vehicles only. Do not park in one without charging.

3. Avoid parking in DC-Fast charging spots whenever possible. DC Fast or otherwise known as (Level 3, QuickCharge(QC), DCFC & Rapid) are for a maximum of 30 to 90 minutes of #EVcharging. Some stations only charge for 30 minutes, There are newer stations that charge for 45 to 60 minutes now because of EV’s with larger batteries. The common #EVetiquette courtesy is to return to your Vehicle within the first 30 minutes. (Don’t Plug In and go see a movie or do something that will take more than 30 minutes) You really should return before that first session is set to complete (there may be other EV owners there waiting for you to finish). If you need another session and nobody is waiting to use the Station then you can start one but you need to stay with your Vehicle. Do Not Park at a DC-Fast station all day or for hours. This is NOT acceptable. These stations are strictly for Quick Charging and not to Park. As soon as you are done charging you need to move ASAP.

4. Check in on the PlugShare App

5. Center your EV in the designated charging space. Leave room for others to access adjacent chargers.

6. Be available and ready to move your vehicle once your charge is complete or the Charging Time that’s written on the #EVsigns has exceeded. (Whichever comes first)

7. All plug-in vehicles have a right to charge, and all are expected to follow the #EVguidelines for charging.

8. If you must unplug another EV make sure it is done charging. Leave a polite courtesy note.

9. Leave charging spots in better condition than when you found it (wrap cords, don’t litter, etc.)

10. Leave your contact info on the dash as a matter of #EVetiquette. You can use a renewable #EVfrisbee for this task: (

11. An EV with an open charge port is the universal signal for “please-plug-me-in when you’re done.” When you’re finished with an adjacent charger, take a moment to provide them this courtesy.

12. As an EV owner, I solemnly promise never to block a Gas/Diesel/Petrol pump.

13. As an EV owner, I solemnly promise to handle blocking events politely. I will conduct myself with civility
and, should I choose to leave a note, I will leave only a polite note.

14. You must be a positive member of the EV community. Teach Novice EV owners these #EVguidelines

15. You must teach the world about EVs.

16. You must not steal electricity. No “war charging.”

17. You should not reduce your charging rate in order to park longer. You must charge at full rate. Other EV owners may need to charge.

18. Your vehicle must not occupy a spot which does not have the correct port to charge it. (Example, If your Vehicle does not have a DC port or a different DC than what’s available at this current location do not only park your EV here) See #2 above.

19. An owner whose vehicle is blocking a charging spot can and should expect notification. Leave this #WindShieldNote behind under their wiper blades. No one taught these particular EV Owners the #EVguidelines. We must teach these people so that we can make future Charging better for all.

20. Please remember: If a parking spot has a charging station or an electrical outlet to plug in your own charger then it is no longer a generic parking spot. It is a charging spot. You MUST be plugged in and charging to use such a spot.

21. If you don’t need a charge then you must park with the gas/diesel/petrol cars. Don’t make it harder for EV adoption to happen simply to give yourself a few seconds of extra convenience. See #2 Above.

22. if the Charging Station is broken please report it to the owner of the station and through the PlugShare App.

23. If there is an Please put it back to the center of the Charging Spot so that Non-EV Vehicles won’t park there. #EVcone #EVcones

24. It is Good #EVetiquette to Share these #EVguidelines with EV owners who clearly do not know them.

25. If you need to park in a Bus, Train or Plane Terminal then you must follow the direction of the #EVsigns - Most Terminals with EV Charging will have a section with Level 1 and/or Level 2 for long term Charging Spots. If you don’t need a charge then park with the Gas Burning Cars. Do not only “park” in a Charging Spot. You may block someone who is in desperate need of a charge. The Terminal may have DC Stations as well but those are strictly to charge up and then move. They should not be “Parked in” for longer than 90 minutes. You should use a DC Station and move as soon as you are full. See #3 for more detail. —————

COPYRIGHT (C) 2017-2018 Cameli IT Services, LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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